Monday, March 5, 2012

A New Project - Societea Hong Kong

My friend Aileen and I have quietly launched our new business/community project called Societea Hong Kong. Our goal is to create a tangible community of business minded women who want freedom to pursue their passion and their dreams.

What we hope to do is to pull together circles of business-minded women – women who might be former or current professionals who might want more flexibility in their work lives; women who have launched or are thinking of launching their own businesses; or women who just want to connect with other women in Hong Kong. We hope to achieve this by hosting a series of teas where we can come together and connect old friends with new friends, to share ideas and advice, and just have a fun time together.

As our community grows, we hope to be able to connect specific talents and professional skills from our community with people or companies who have needs for their talents and skills. We also hope to be able to support businesses launched by women and businesses serving women.

We have started running teas as well as specific focus groups for new businesses being launched.
If you are interested in joining one of our teas or would like us to help run a focus group for you, please contact us at – info @ societea . hk (without the spaces).

As my husband said to me, worse come to worst, I will at least have a lot of fun having tea with my girlfriends!